Dinner at Jungle Jamboree


₹ 1155.22



Jungle Jamboree is a perfect place for those who are in search of a theme based restaurant. The pocket-friendly menu that has multiple cuisines definitely adds on to this new, evolving trend. A unique place for people who love to explore something different. Dine in India's first restaurant that offers a seven-course buffet amidst the jungle and aqua themed ambience. As the restaurant is surrounded by lush greenery, it will give you a feel of the purity of nature and the adventure of being in the wild. You can feast on the dinner buffet which includes chats, appetisers, mains, desserts and drinks. This restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy the real jungle theme with friends and family.


  • Indulge in a sumptuous 7-course dinner buffet. The buffet includes chats, appetisers, mains and desserts.

  • Dine in a jungle theme ambience.


  • Anything not specifically mentioned as a part of the description.

General Notes

  • Who is the experience applicable for?

    The experience is applicable for couples.

  • What cuisines are served?

    Multi-cuisine will be served.

  • What is the number of the courses of meal?

    It will be a seven course buffet.

  • What do I have to keep in mind before going for this experience? (allergies/fears)

    Inform beforehand of any food related allergies.

  • Is this experience valid for children?

    Yes. Children between 5-10 years will be charged less.