Vinotherapy Massage 60 Mins


₹ 3898.72



Due to stressful lifestyle and unhealthy habits, many people tend to look older than their actual age. Signs of skin ageing such as sagging skin, fine wrinkles, pigmentation, dryness, etc. can be surely prevented through some special therapies. Age-reversal programmes include therapies that have been carefully selected to target and prevent the signs of skin ageing. Using wine as medicine is not a new concept or discovery, rubbing the raw ingredients into your skin, and it is said to be the best way to get health benefits. Vinotherapy or wine therapy takes the health benefits of wine to a new level and in a unique way. Instead of drinking wine, you put it on your face or rub it on your skin or even reduce them to a pill form so you can swallow without having to spin in dizziness. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa makes sure that you are treated rightly and appropriately. Experience this amazing wine massage and free yourself from stress and pain. 


  • Enjoy the vinotherapy for 60-minutes and take in the advantages provided by this amazing therapy.  


  • Anything not specifically mentioned as a part of the description.

General Notes

  • Who is the experience applicable for?

     Anyone who wants to take the advantages of vinotherapy are welcome 

  • How many sessions are held in a day?

     Single session of 60-minutes will be provided 

  • What are the essential things to carry?

     Please carry a valid ID proof 

  • Are there any pickup and drop facilities?

     No, you will have to reach the venue on your own