Cookies Baking Classes in Mussoorie


₹ 1180.00



Cookie Baking Classes in Mussoorie is very famous as they are derived from the time of British Colonies. The studio is a major draw for bakers and beginners who want to learn this art. This will basically be an introduction class on baking. Our professional baker will give you tips on baking as well as teach you how to bake at your home. So, get ready to bake some mouth watering cookies and relish them till you have had enough!


  • A brief introduction to Bakery and the raw materials.

  • A Cookies making session where you'll learn the basics of cookies making.

  • You will have the opportunity to taste the special cookies baked here.

  • An expert baker will guide you from starting and give you tips on baking.


  • Anything not specifically mentioned as a part of the description.

General Notes

  • What should I keep in mind with regard to clothing and footwear?
    You should wear comfortable clothes, in case you get all chocolate-y!?
  • Is the experience applicable for child?

    Yes, a child below 5 years of age will be included free of cost, if there are two accompanying adults.

  • Whom is the experience applicable for?

    Couples & baking lovers will be applicable for these classes.

  • Is the transportation being provided?

    Depending upon the availability transportation can be arranged