Skydiving With Transport And Lunch


₹ 41300.00



Skydiving is the king of all adventure sports. Dive from a plane and fly in the sky until you eventually come down to land. There is nothing more exhilarating, take our word for it.

VCRAFT has taken upon themselves to give you the safest and world-class skydiving experience. But let us give you heads up, this is not just another skydiving experience. Your experience starts right from your doorstep. You will be picked up and then dropped off in a chauffeur-driven car. When you reach the venue, you will be welcomed with a refreshing drink. After the brief about the dive, you will be all suited up for your dive. The plane will take you to a certain height and then comes the moment - you dive with your trainer right behind you. This tandem skydiving jump from 7000 – 10000 feet is an adrenaline pumping activity like no other. Also, get a multi-dimensional video that will capture your skydiving experience. When all is said and done, come back to earth, dizzy with excitement and enjoy your lunch. 


  • Enjoy a tandem jump that would range from 7000 – 10000 ft.

  • Relish a refreshing welcome drink.

  • You would be picked up and dropped off in a car. The car would be available for a distance of 80 kms only.

  • Lunch, tea/coffee and snacks will be provided.

  • Multidimensional video will be captured for you.

  • Get a briefing by the instructor about the tandem skydive.


  • Anything not specifically mentioned as a part of the description.

General Notes

  • Who is the experience applicable for?

    The experience is applicable for individuals, couples and groups.

  • Are meals included?

    Welcome drinks, lunch, tea/coffee and snacks are included.

  • What are the services that I can avail?

    An instructor will give a brief about the sky dive. You will also get a chauffeur driven car.

  • What should I keep in mind with regard to clothing and footwear?

    Wear comfortable clothes.

  • Is an activity-completion certificate provided?

    No, an activity-completion certificate will not be provided.

  • Is this experience valid for children?

    No, the experience is not valid for children. It is available for adults above 18 years.